Blacks on Wall Street, Inc. (BWS) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to close the professional opportunity gap by providing underrepresented youth the resources to achieve promising careers. BWS seeks to position existing professional leaders alongside emerging leaders to engage, empower, mentor, recognize and reward diverse youth towards advancement opportunities.  It was founded in 2014 to assist in the support—financially and otherwise—of organizations that promote the social welfare and health of the African American community of New York City and to advocate for the equitable distribution of the philanthropic dollars generated annually in New York City.


To become recognized as a global leader in the development of diverse corporate professionals. We will attract Fortune 500 firms and empower underrepresented youth to invest in their future through the efforts of our diverse, passionate, experienced, and dedicated staff of volunteers.


Diversity, Commitment, Collaboration, Partnership, and Integrity.


The long-term goal of BWS is to bridge the income divide of minorities in both the Financial and Technical industries by arming our youth with the skillsets that enable them to create black wealth.

Our Leadership Team



Denis Creary


Blacks on Wall Street, Inc

DENNIS CREARY, President, CEO Blacks on Wall Street, Inc.

Dennis Creary is a senior IT executive in the financial and technology services industry with extensive experience in leading technology sales, service delivery, customer and technical support, application development and outsourcing.

Prior to joining DNB, Dennis’ experience spans technology, business and non-profit management.

Dennis (an avid fencer and equestrian) is very active in charitable organizations that promote racial equality – at his church St. Joseph’s and multiple groups.

Dennis lives in Manhattan with his wife and daughter.

Dennis is the recipient of the 2017 Charles T. Haffey Community Service Award.


Stephanie Barimah


Blacks on Wall Street, Inc

Stephanie Barimah, Chief Operating Officer

Stephanie Barimah has long been an advocate for African-American achievement.
Taking initiative in leadership positions surrounding Black excellence, Stephanie has been an avid proponent of promoting success in her community.

From taking stake in mentoring organizations, to leading the Development Program in an African-American employee resource group, Stephanie has dedicated herself to elevating the state of the Black communities in which she belongs.

Professionally, Stephanie drives operational excellence in organizations; previously in Mergers and Acquisitions at Oracle and currently in People Operations at Thomson Reuters.

Holding a degree in Management from Boston College Carroll School of Management, Stephanie’s primary passion is to motivate others to success and she hopes to create lasting impact through helping others realize and achieve their dreams.


Yvonne Creary


Blacks on Wall Street, Inc

Yvonne Creary, Chief Marketing Officer

Yvonne is a seasoned digital marketing professional, having run her own online company at Integrative Nutrition for the past 11 years. A San Francisco native, she is passionate about the rights of minorities and those marginalized in the LGBTQ communities.

It is this passion that Yvonne brings to her role as Chief Marketing Officer. She is responsible to oversee and manage marketing and communications for Blacks on Wall Street, Inc.

This includes marketing BWS’s programes and events through multiple social media channels, cause marketing, strategic and corporate communications, media and public relations, brand development and design.

Her major challenge will be to provide leadership and guidance to advance the public-facing goals of BWS and work closely with the CEO, COO, and collaborate with fellow members of the senior management team. Yvonne was educated in San Francisco, Hawaii, and New York City.


Tomeeka Griffins


Blacks on Wall Street, Inc

Tomeeka Griffins, VP Events and Community Affairs

Tomeeka Griffins is an accomplished business professional currently working at Oracle Corporation, one of the largest Fortune 500 technology firms. Prior to Oracle, Tomeeka has worked in various roles at other notable firms including Ernst & Young, Lehman Brothers, and Morgan Stanley.


Tomeeka has over 15+ years’ experience as an administrative professional with an expertise in event planning ranging from large scale industry conferences to private corporate social events. She holds a strong place in her heart for non-profit organizations and strongly believes in giving back to the community.


Now serving as the VP of Community Affairs and Events, Tomeeka will lead a dynamic team in the creation, planning, and execution of all events that will be specifically tailored and aligned with the BOWS mission.


Damani Corbin


Blacks on Wall Street, Inc

Damani Corbin, VP Development

A proud product of New York City, Damani Corbin is actively involved in non-profit, community, and faith organizations within the greater New York area.  His spirit of service is driven by the scriptural words… ‘

To Whom Much Is Given, Much is Required’. Damani firmly believes that education and exposure to business & finance at an early age will help to close the gap of underrepresented African Americans in Corporate America.

It is for this reason Damani eagerly joined the board of Blacks on Walls Street Inc.

Damani is a technology sales executive at Oracle Corporation. He is a double Alumni of Lemoyne College in Syracuse NY, where he obtained his B.A. in Marketing and MBA. Damani enjoys traveling and spending quality time with his wife, Melissa and their son, Malik.


Ld Pic 02


Blacks on Wall Street, Inc

Lesly Delille, VP Public Affairs

For more than 17 years, Les serves as a trusted advisor and ambassador in support of Global Systems Support – North America, and is responsible for strategically managing one of Oracle's largest financial / media Co.

He is an inspirational leader, who through his focus on relationship building and performance improvement, drives a high degree of customer satisfaction by managing a high-performing Oracle Support Services team with a passion to exceed.

Through sound strategic development and business acumen, as he expands support revenue streams and exceeds IT business requirements in support of a global economy.
Previously, Les served  20 years at Eastman Kodak / Danka – Field Services Division in various roles such as; Area  Services Manager for 14 years, Field Service Engineer, Field Service Specialist, and Customer Facilitator.

As the  VP of Public Affairs, Les will be supporting & driving key community affairs event initiatives,  and work collaboratively with strategic partners and senior leadership team to develop and implement communication strategies to broaden the impact of Blacks on Wall Street,  Inc.'s programs and oversee organizational messaging,  constituent services,  and will also be serving as executive editor for the organization's website.